Round Table and Interactive Experience

Thank you to everyone who attended our two events on Refugees and migrants. Here are some pictures from our events, the Journey into Exile Interactive Experience, and the Round Table: Canadians, Refugees, and Migrants, Now.

Journey into Exile: 

An experience of being a refugee or a person in exile.  Right is Norbert Piché, Director of Jesuit Refugee Service–Canada, animating this experience.  Participants were given great insight into the daily struggle of what is involved seeking a safer life in this world for the 68.5 million people who are forced migrants in the world today. 

Norbert Piché leading the Journey into Exile Interactive Experience

Round Table :  Canadians, Refugees, and Migrants, Now.

Is the panel of scholars, activists and advocates who speak about what is giving rise to this modern day tragedy of the  millions and millions of people forced to flee their homelands. The global indifference of our time was explored presenting a challenge that cannot go on be ignored because the sheer numbers of people on the move, willing to risk their lives, is an evident sign of our times that something has to be done to avoid the intolerable number of lives lost.  This was an opportunity worth its while to affirm those already working in the field and those who want to get involved.